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    Yes, I'm planning to eventually make a full set. I want to work on maps a bit first. I'm currently trying to make my first dungeondraft set. I know there's an alien dungeondraft asset pack, but it's locked behind a patreon subscriptions and 1) I hate subscriptions and 2) my credit card company hates small payments. So instead, I'm making my own. I went a bit overboard though. I created over 200 map icons. Now working on walls. Planning to go minimalist, but there are some fantastic free sci-fi packs for dungeondraft, and I also have Chronos Builder, which has some nice assets, so it's hard to decide between having cool maps and going theater-of-the-mind. I really, feel, though, that TotM works better for horror games, but maps can really help people keep track of where everybody is. Hard to balance.

    I've been playing D&D, and have played Call of Cthulhu with a group of players through FGU, using discord for voice. Four of my players are in Australia, and one is in Lithuania, so we only play about 2 1/2 hours per session.

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    Merry Christmas!
    I created 30 new portraits. Okay, some are REALLY wonky. I'm shaking my head and rolling my eyes, but I tried! They'll get the job done. Ironically, my own players don't use ANY of my portraits or tokens. They prefer the fgu sci-fi tokens, which is cool with me. They work. But, these are here and they're free. Feel free to use them if they work for you. These will be attached to the token pack and will be available as soon as the build is approved by smiteworks staff.


    Just for reference:
    Mar = marine. F = Female, M = Male (but feel free to use as you like. Sorry, it didn't occur to me until later that I was only doing cis-gendered binary). 1-3 = European. 4-6 = African. 7-9 = Asian. 10-12 = South Asian. 13-14 = non-specific. Some have qualities of South Asian. A couple of the men could pass as Middle Eastern or Latin American. 15 = European (since I couldn't figure out what else to do). But again, feel free to use as you like.
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