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    I am available on both this coming Sunday (Dec 11) and the next Sunday (Dec 18) at the 9 am utc timeslot and the 2 pm utc slot discussed above. I also signed up for some of your Case File games that you posted in the FGU paizo organized play discord. I wasn't sure if what we had discussed here overlapped with those sessions or not (in terms of replayability, scheduling and the like).

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    I would be available for the 9 am UTC timeslot on both Sundays, I might be able to make a later timeslot this week (I'd have to cancel a game I'm signed up for, but it's a Repeatable, so wouldn't be that much of a loss).
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    PF2 Adventure: A Song of Making and Unmaking (Dark Archive Case File #3) SUN 9 AM UTC

    I scheduled it for a five hour timeslot. I should be able to shorten it a bit if necessary.

    The Case Files can unfortunately only be played once for credit. That being said, they are mostly standalone and if we have enough players I have no problem running them two times if necessary.

    I mainly scheduled shorter Case Files for the other two FG Paizo events as there aren't many scenarios that fit into those timeslots.

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    As a note, a later game will not fire so I could also try to reschedule it a few hours later.

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    If it helps us get the needed number of players, I am okay with a few hours later.

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    Technically two would be a legal table, though this particular case file is very combat-heavy.

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    Does that mean that we would be playing through as only 2 PCs, or would we have pregen backups? I don't mind running an extra character as long as it is relatively simple (like a fighter or something).

    Of course, if we can get more players that would be best.

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    Most likely two extra pregens (note you'd likely add a level to the level 5 pregens).

    Downscaling is also possible in adventure mode but with two players you run into issues if one goes down.

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    I am assuming people will be unavailable on the 25th and 1st, though if anyone has any availability over the next two weeks (e.g. workdays evening) let me know.

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