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    LFG- Dragonlance

    Long time D&D player that really got started with Dragonlance in the 80's. Also experienced with Fantasy Grounds. I've been using it for quite a few years. Just looking to see if any Dragonlance games are starting soon with the new book coming out. I'm also interested in any 5e games in general. I'm in the central time zone and am open to games during the day on Thursday and anytime on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday.

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    This game is set during the War of the Lance, you are not going to be apart of the original companions but your own little group tending towards the impending darkness, war and dragons.. Due to the Era of the game there will some restrictions on race and classes. However most the main character races and classes from Dragonlance 3.5 Campaign setting will be accepted, if you're not sure ask me before you make a character.. Macys My Insite

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    Sounds good! When are you playing?

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    I'm looking forward to running this campaign as well.. are there any DM's that will be running this anytime soon? Please contact me if you are.

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    Would be interested in a Dragonlance game. Any spots still available? What day?

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    I would be interested depending on the day and time. Weekend nights work for me. Long time D&D player, very familiar with Krynn and Ansalon.
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    I would be very interested in a Krynn campaign. Saturday or Sunday evenings work for me.

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