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    High Crit property not working

    Have noticed when Crit with high crit weapon (a) No extra weapon damage from high crit and (b) no critical dice are rolled with a crit.
    Looking at the 2 attached images, having High Crit in the property area only maximises the initial damage die and the extra magic crit dice are not rolled, nor the high crit property die.
    With High Crit Property .png

    When the High Crit property is removed, the magic crit dice are rolled
    No High Crit property.png


    4E Campaign
    No extensions
    Win 10

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    You could try making a bug report in House of Healing
    There was another 4E bug fixed a few months ago, I recall.

    High Crit damage is character level dependent, so it might just be easier to add all the crit dice to the weapon crit expression - from what I recall of 4E crits that is the correct result.
    You can mix and match different die types for crits by drag-and-dropping them from the dice set.

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    It's fixed in the beta Test channel right now; so the fix should be released when v4.3.1 releases.


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    Thanks guys.

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