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    (LFG) Looking for Sundays recurring EST

    Heya, long time player here. Have played since the early 90's and have used fantasy grounds as DM for the last 2 years. Looking to get into D&D as a player again as its been over 20 years. I know the rules to 5e, 2e, ad&d and basic pretty well. I do enjoy RP I just dont do voices lol Looking for something recurring on sundays at anytime.
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    Are you still finding someone's to play on Sunday. I think I am a very interested in that. Rebaid

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    Are either of you still looking for a game?

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    I am still looking!!! Byurr#3320 is my discord

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    I am looking for a game as well! Please let me know if you wanted to get something going on Sundays, I would love to join! My discord is Beasti#2699

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