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    The OPs (and mine) case was, that it doesn't matter if there is inconsistency in the actual dice and in the dice text, it matters only that the animation is present.
    My players usually don't look at the numbers on the dice, only in the chat.

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    Technically, I could re-enable the faux roll button for all scenarios, but the dice will not match if the dice text is visible to the players when using it. Since the dice rolls are physical simulations of actual dice given inputs driven by user's mouse movements (direction, speed) and chat window sizes, there is not any reasonable way to "force" the 3D dice to a particular number.


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    Yes, just re-enabling the button would be sufficient to close this thread.

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    I've re-added to the version currently in beta testing (see Laboratory forum) with the appropriate tooltip caveat.


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    Great, Many Thanks!

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