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Thread: OSRIC Ruleset

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    Exactly. As long as the name matches, it should work.

    There's some stuff I can try in order to strip extraneous info and do some word replacement to handle common cases, which I'll do. Stuff like "Giant Rat" vs. "Rat, Giant" and stuff like that.

    Regarding the named NPCs, yes, I want to both remove the attack modifier workaround that comes with the entries in the OSRIC refs and find a way to auto-create the correct matrix and the Fights As and Saves As entries which create the correct matrix in the first place. Just gotta figure out a reliable way of doing such a thing since the classed NPC entries have no class or level fields.

    Of course, just wanted to get basic conversion out there first so that people could use it and mess around with it.

    Happy to take any and all requests.


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    Hi Doomsword. I'm looking to confirm my assumptions here as I delve into the ruleset:

    • If looking to run a RAW 1e game with this extension using OSRIC, we would still need to load the 2e Core books. I'm assuming there may be some substantive discrepancies but that the "rule" changes are accounted for in any event - is that a fair high level summary?
    • That being the case? What 2e content should be loaded - I'm assuming the PHB, DMG and MM?
    • Is there a way to tell when the NPC converter used the 1e version vs kept with the default 2e?
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    Sorry for the delay. I've been in a stream.

    If you're looking to run OSRIC RAW, use this ruleset and load the OSRIC modules from the Forge:

    First Edition Society

    If you want to run OSRIC to be more 1E RAW (there are a few differences between OSRIC and 1E) with additional options, use the OSRIC modules from the above link, plus the AD&D Options and House Rules extension.

    No need to use any of the 2E reference materials, although you could use it with a slightly different experience.

    Regarding the converter, I thought about an explicit notification in chat or maybe something in the Combat Tracker. Any suggestions on that?
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    I think either notice in chat or the CT work. CT would be good to keep from the players, but I suppose could get cluttered....

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    Maybe I could insert a tiny CT icon. I'll see if I can make something work that doesn't clutter things up. I'll get a notification in it in some way. You can always compare the NPC info from the NPC in the module to the NPC entry in the CT and you'll see the differences, but that's not that useful. It will work if you're testing and want to know, though. I'll probably get something out tonight. Thanks!

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    Included a (c) for DM only in the NPC name, e.g. "Ogre (c)", in the Combat Tracker for NPCs that have converted (c) when dropped. If you want something different, let me know

    Fixed token replacement (module record to OSRIC record) when dropping an individual NPC. (Should now work properly when dragging a battle or an NPC)

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    Fix for partially incorrect data in the "Saves As" matrices

    Dragging a classed NPC (or a battle including a classed NPC) out of a module now populates their "Saves As" and "Fights As" matrices, setting their attacks and saving throws to OSRIC values. For NPCs where this has happened, an (fs) gets added to the end their name in the DM Combat Tracker. For multi- and dual-classed NPCs, it attempts to choose the subjectively "best" matrices from each of the NPC's classes. It's not perfect and it's not "exactly" OSRIC RAW (this would be setting the best value for each save), but it's much better than not doing it at all.

    Further work will be to improve the monster/NPC conversions, including better matching for things that are the same but not named in exactly the same way. I'll also look at converting their items, weapons, powers, etc.

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    One-shot Interest at FG Con

    If there's enuff interest I am considering running 1e Ravenloft using the OSRIC ruleset for a few hours on the Friday morning of FG Con (Eastern time zone). Drop me a line if that appeals to u.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen View Post
    If there's enuff interest I am considering running 1e Ravenloft using the OSRIC ruleset for a few hours on the Friday morning of FG Con (Eastern time zone). Drop me a line if that appeals to u.
    I'd love to play if you run it.

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    Question. I am trying to make a campaign using the OSRIC ruleset. When I go to generate a character all of the Ability Scores are preset to 9. Is there a reason for this? Do I need to load the Ability Scores, then the Race and then the Class? I will be dm'ing for a couple of people who have never really played rpg's before and I am trying to go through the motions as they would so I can get an idea of how it is going to be on their end. I have the OSRIC ruleset and content linked in this thread loaded. I do not have any official DnD rulesets as of yet. (Still trying to decide between the ADnD and the 5E). I have my old ADnD book so I am leaning that way, and have downloaded the OSRIC 2nd edition core rules. Are there any videos out there so I can see if I am headed in the right direction?

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