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Thread: OSRIC Ruleset

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    OSRIC Ruleset


    I've worked to create an OSRIC ruleset, entirely based on Celestian's excellent and official 2E ruleset. I've done that because there are enough differences in OSRIC and 1E to warrant a new ruleset, rather than simply an extension. My hope is that it makes it easier for people to play "1e"-styled games without having to do much other than start a new campaign (or modify an existing campaign) with the OSRIC ruleset and nothing else.

    Doing so will resolve several things that can't really be properly resolved by using the 2E ruleset and an extension, at least without a clear understanding of the differences between 1E and 2E. Additionally, using the 2E ruleset and any 1E extension probably presents a higher barrier of entry than just building a campaign off of an OSRIC ruleset. There are also nuances to OSRIC, as written, that I think should be preserved and well-known by anyone intending to play pre-2E AD&D. That's the main reason that I created this.

    One can still run a game with the 2E ruleset and the AD&D Options and House Rules extension or the Core 1E extension and/or Sterno's mod to get much of the functionality, but I think that the process should be simplified.

    For anyone curious, this is layered upon Celestian's ruleset, so much of the functionality comes from it. However, I've rewritten the parts that I felt need to be rewritten and relied on simple modification for the parts that can serve both purposes.

    For now this is what the ruleset has, without getting too much into the differences between OSRIC and 2E:

    • Group all initiatives
    • Simultaneous initiative
    • d6 initiative die
    • Assign init based on character who rolled
    • OSRIC RAW has an init "swap", this does too
    • No initiative mods or surprise mods and proper surprise checks
    • Reset initiative every round, with the possibility to auto-roll for NPCs or both NPCs and PCs
    • Set initiative range 0-10 to approximate segments and handle creatures who go last (segment 10) in a round
    • Use attack and save matrices for classed NPCs, from OSRIC
    • Allow Delay, puts NPC or PC at the back of the stack
    • No ability checks
    • Encumbrance and coin encumbrance mandatory
    • Death's Door, with a 0-9 threshold

    For anyone just attempting to run a RAW OSRIC/1E game, this should be enough to get started. I'd highly recommend the AD&D Options and House Rules extension, as well, to be able to further customize the game, handle house rules and take care of any optional stuff that differs between OSRIC and 1E, as originally written.

    Here's the link to the Forge item: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/890/view
    And the link to the aforementioned extension if you want or need additionally configurability: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/688/view

    I have some things that I'd like to work on right away and I'll continue to watch this thread for anything anyone has an issue with, needs help with or would like implemented insofar as it involves OSRIC.

    Thanks and thanks for reading and/or checking it out.
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    An update is live in the Forge that fixes an initiative issue.

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    Can't wait to try this out! Great timing with strahd at Halloween.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen View Post
    Can't wait to try this out! Great timing with strahd at Halloween.
    Nice. I hope you enjoy it. It's still a bit of a moving target and doesn't yet have everything it needs, but it should work well.

    Just submitted a fix because I somehow had lost a template override. That'll be live once it's approved.

    Noticed I need to work on d6 instead of d20 for open doors and I'll continue working on any other OSRIC RAW and hopefully a converter for using the OSRIC monsters instead of the 2E ones in Classic modules.

    Thanks for checking it out.

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    Monster converters are always appreciated!

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    Uploaded to the Forge:

    • fix some surprise check issues
    • add d6 for open doors roll
    • cleaned some stuff up and got rid of some excessive debug messages
    • added a chat message when init dice are manually rolled, to show how OSRIC's init works and what's happening
    • fixed an issue that I accidentally introduced to the Combat Tracker while working on NPC conversion

    Should be available to update to at some point tomorrow.

    There's an issue with the open doors rolls, where success requires a roll of 1. I'll work on that tomorrow.

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    Updated to fix Open Doors rolls values and do some cleanup.

    Unless anyone wants anything different or discovers any problems, I'll work on monster conversions. Then, I'll go back through and add OSRIC RAW stuff, as necessary and/or possible.


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    I got a basic NPC/monster conversion working.

    It's handled when you drop an NPC or a Battle from a Module onto the Combat Tracker. I base it on the names of the NPCs, so it won't work for any NPC names that exist in a Module but don't exist in the OSRIC references.

    Some NPCs, such as Giant Rats might be named differently between Modules, so those won't work, but I can probably do something about that.

    You can drop an NPC from a Module into the Combat Tracker or you can drop a Battle from a Module's Encounter into the Combat Tracker, and it should replace any 2e stats with OSRIC stats, provided the NPC's name exists in both.

    For now, if you drop a Battle (via the down arrow button in an Encounter's window), the NPC stats will be replaced according to matching names between the Module node and OSRIC node, and the token from the Module will be brought over, as well.

    If you drop and individual NPC from a Module into the Combat Tracker, the NPC's stats will be replaced by the OSRIC stats, but the token will not come over. I gave that a college try and figured I'd release as-is and fix it tomorrow or something.

    Better to get an idea if anyone has any feedback on this approach and to get it into testing.

    If anyone wants to update and try it out and let me know how it works for them, or if anyone wants to see something done differently just let me know.


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    Just had to push an update because I discovered while thinking about automating combat matrix stuff for NPCs, that the "Fights As/Saves As" fields weren't displaying correctly on NPC records. You'll want to update to get that back. Sorry about that.


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    Putting this through the paces now. Thank you for all your hard work! Am I correct the monster converter will work with any of the 1e or 2e adventures provided there is an equivalent name?

    If you are taking requests, a converter for named npc's would be helpful (understanding that would be much more difficult and time consuming, but thought id add to the wishlist!).

    Thank yiu again!

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