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Thread: OSRIC Ruleset

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    Fantastic, thanks very much

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    You're welcome. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomsword View Post
    New version available for update, 2024.06.11

    Change "charged" effect behavior: It's now called "Charging", you apply it before the attack, it adds a "Charging" effect and a "No Dexterity" effect. Both of these effects are removed automatically when initiative passes to another creature
    you might need to recheck this - it doesn't seem to go away at the end of the round or when initiative moves on. Nearly killed one of the PCs on Tuesday because of that

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    Ok, yeah, I see some weirdness. Thanks for the heads up. I'll take a look and get it fixed.
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    noted something odd on Tuesday - Rangers failed to update their bonus against humanoids in line with gaining levels.

    This has been working fine, the higher level ranger had progressed nicely always getting the increased modifier but when the party levelled up this week (Tuesday 2 July) neither ranger increased their bonus, it remained at the old value.

    Easily amended manually but something has broken somewhere down the line - not sure about other IFTs that might increase, so don't know if its universal or limited to rangers . . . Also not sure if its OSRIC or underlying 2e that's got messed up.

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