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    Ruleset Updates - 2022-10-25

    For this coming week, we decided to fast-track the dice customization features that allow rulesets to set up specific roll types for customization (along with defaults), while allowing users to customize those values as well. (i.e. cold damage, fire damage, healing)

    The current implementation is in Test channel right now; and supports the following rulesets:
    5E, 4E, 3.5E, 2E, PFRPG2, PFRPG, SFRPG, d20Modern
    Updates to other rulesets will be at the discretion of the ruleset developer (especially since unique damage types is not universal).

    Last edited by Moon Wizard; October 24th, 2022 at 19:31.

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    NOTE FOR EXTENSION DEVELOPERS: If you are overriding the damage or healing roll handling in any of these rulesets, your extension may block the dice from using the dice skin customizations, and will need to be updated to work with them.

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    Added support for PF2, 2E, and 13A.


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