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    Halloween Game Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed. - Dead Light

    Looking For Players for Special Halloween Event!
    10/30/22 Sunday evening at 4PM until 8PM EST, I will be running the scenario "Dead Light" for Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed. on Fantasy Grounds Unity.

    We have currently 3 players who should be in attendance and would like 1 to 2 more.

    In addition, those attending will be invited to a future campaign "Doors to Darkness" that will be starting soon!

    I am an experienced Call of Cthulhu Keeper, returning to the game after an absence and look to have a good evening of gaming.

    Dead Light:
    "The storm had been brewing for days and now it hits! Combined with restless, idle youth and the desire for easy money, something has been released out there amid the darkness, the howling wind, and lashing rain."

    Dead Light is an adventure scenario for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying system designed to be played in one or more gaming sessions. An exercise in Lovecraftian-flavored survival horror, the unwitting investigators are caught up in a spiral of terror where only their quick thinking, and courage, will see them through till the clouds clear and a new dawn beckons.

    Suitable as a stand alone adventure or as a sidetrack within a larger campaign, Dead Light is set in Lovecraft Country, north of Arkham, during the early 1920s and is ideal for groups of between three to six players.

    This is one journey your players will not soon forget.

    Interested? Give me an email at [email protected] or reply to this post.

    Finally, we have a current Discord group we are using and I use Syrinscape for music and sound effects. Thanks

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    Have one more if so I join and have experience playing coc

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    Hi, just please shoot me an e-mail with more details about yourself, and we can meet and get you set up. Thanks. I'm available tonight after 4pm.
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