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    In 'The Apple of Her Eye", in several of the encounters the npcs are missing their attacks - The Inn, The Lady's Claim (changelings), The Lady's Heralds, Yosef.
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    Issue resolved.

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    Blizzard mage from occult philosophy is missing it's level 6 and level 9 non-magic talents

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    The CTS Priest's level one magic talent pulls up a blank template:

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    I think I've found a bug with the character sheet.

    I get the following error in the console when double clicking the button to minimize the Effects box on the character sheet:

    "[ERROR] Script execution error: [string "C:charsheet_main:effect_control"]:38: attempt to index field 'at_label' (a nil value)"

    I have no extensions enabled.

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    I am getting the following error after the the latest update in Fantasy Grounds:


    I get this error when loading an existing campaign, or when I create a new one. I don't have any extensions loaded.

    The issue appears to be with the GM's Book, as that module claims it has no contents when loaded.

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    Hey radioWiz - Im really sorry - I can replicate the issue - there is a broken xml record in the data. I am reviewing right now and will update shortly but I dont think there is anyway I can get the updates live at this time of day.

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