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redba, thank you so much for finding these mistakes. We processed a lot of data, and we did the best we could, but in the end there are mistakes. We really appreciate your help finding them.
Clockwork Ancestry: ...that Talents Failing Magic, Wind the Clock and Object Form are from Ghosts in Machines additional Module ...
See the 2015 errata: "Clockwork, page 15 We brought the revision of the clockwork forward from the Ghosts in Machines supplement. The new text is as follows: ..."
Hi @spoofer, I know the tons of data you and all oher Module Developer manage for every release and I have no word to thank you all for your effort.. I try to do my best to help and without any rush!!! But you are very very fast..
By the way thank you for your suggest to check the errata (unfortunately having everything in Italian I can't think of buying everything again in English and therefore I'm "behind" with the updates.. so sorry for the lost time for this reason..)..

Since I'm translating a lot of materials (so in the next month check a lot of FGU modules), let me know how you prefer me to point out any further "oversights"..

Thank you guys to all of you for this beautiful ruleset and for your work..