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    A few more we noticed over several more Saturdays.
    - Tombs of Desolation Player's "Salamander" ancestry has immune to fatigue, believe that it shouldn't.
    - Freeport Companion Player's "Undine" ancestry has shadowsight in description instead of having the shadowsight talent.
    - Expert Paths of Shadow>Bloodletter path "Story Development" table has the second entry twice.

    My group has also ran into the cumbersome banes counting toward the totals one last session, and just to second RadioWiz we also would be interested in testing out the new view mode. If it's not a huge hassle anyway, as ultimately we may only try it to find out we have no use for it. Also since I didn't in my earlier post I want to just give huge thanks for this ruleset and content, it has been immensely valuable to my small group and overall learning this game.
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    Me and my group are now also experiencing the result of bane dice being added to the result instead of subtracted. The odd thing is it doesn't happen all the time, but I can't figure out how or why.

    We looked at the view mode and went huh, not sure of the point of it and went back to our old style top down maps.

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    I cant seem to lock down exactly where the bug is either!
    I have "fixed" it several times but Im still missing something...
    If you can recreate it please share your campaign and the steps to recreate it - thanks!

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