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    No worries, just wanted to let you know.

    Thanks for all you do!

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    Hi @damned,
    Since I'm translating a bit of everything (I own almost all of the Italian edition) I'll let you know what I found:

    Core Rulebook Player >> Clockwork Ancestry
    1. Tables section lack of link to tables Appearance and Background
    2. I am not pretty sure cause I am translating to Italian so I have Italian Original Edition as starting point but it seems to me that Talents Failing Magic, Wind the Clock and Object Form are from Ghosts in Machines additional Module (but I could definitely be wrong and so I apologize in advance if that were the case)

    Core Rulebook Player >> Orc Ancestry
    1. Tables section lack of link to tables Personality

    Ruleset >> Ancestry Window
    1. It is resizable but control do not follow the width (which would be very convenient for single-line fields). I attach an Image.
    Resizable Window.JPG

    By the way there are restricted word you use to parse automation/effect so I avoid to translate also them and loose the "effects"???

    Thank you in advance and have a great day..
    Daniele Roitero
    Trieste, Italy

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