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    Shop/Merchant Extension for 5e FGU

    As the title says, does anyone know of a currently working extension for the 5e rule set for FGU that generates or helps create shops/merchants? One that has a list of items and their prices and the player can just drag and drop what they want to their inventory and the gold is automatically deducted from player and added to the shop and the item is deducted from the shop and added to the players? allowing players to buy and sell depending on what the shop/merchant has.

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    Check out this extension on DMSGuild


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    The Emporium can do all that except the DM hits the purchase button. What the DM sees and Player sees is different but the shopkeeper side works a lot like the spells tab (prepare/shop) So you can set inventory etc. I built it originally or the Town of Evenningstar. In previous editions the Volos guides flushed out tons of towns. So I set up each shop and over time added features. Like it now tracks the shoppers coin for you etc.

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