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    Welcome to Fantasy Grounds Game Days

    Welcome to the official Fantasy Grounds Game Days forum!

    About the program

    SmiteWorks, the publisher of Fantasy Grounds, has been bringing a growing list of publishers and rulesets to a once-a-month free-to-play game day format on a rotating calendar basis. We solicit volunteer GMs who are willing to submit and run games during their free time for the community. In return, GMs participating in each Game Day are entered into the GM Rewards program receiving gift certificates and Forge gold.

    The Game Day program is anchored by both D&D Adventurers League and Paizo Organized Play. Here is the ongoing target schedule for these two programs:

    The Fantasy Grounds Game Days has expanded to Thursday and bi-weekly Saturday format after the success of our AL and Paizo OP events. Each standard Game Day GMs decide which ruleset, setting, system they want to run for the community.

    Each of the three programs (AL Game Day, Paizo OP Game Day, and Game Day) has its own Warhorn event listing, linked in the programs above. Warhorn is a free event management tool that for years has been one of the industry standards for TTRPG event management. Each of our Game Day events will be open for player sign-ups about one week before each event.

    Finally, all game mustering and voice channels are provided on the boosted Fantasy Grounds Discord server. The ability to participate in the Game Day channels and are role-based to help tag appropriate player segments and share relevant announcements.

    For more information please check out the FAQ's.

    Game Master FAQ: [Pending]
    Player FAQ: Click here
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    According to the Fantasy Grounds Game Days page, game masters get rewards on DMGuild and Forge. DMGuild apparently only supports D&D, while DriveThruRPG supports a wider selection of game systems. They are apparently owned by the same company. Are the rewards for DMGuild also usable on DriveThruRPG?

    Primarily looking for Mongoose Travellers 2e

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    Yes it is. The credit can be used at any of DriveThruRPG's sister sites including DMsGuild

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