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    So last Saturday we had our second session. Between the first and this one and the latter, things such as hit points and other things went missing from the character sheets. Classes also were missing features such as the circle of stars for the druid. Do you think the campaign file has become corrupted? We deleted the classes and then reinstated them and were able to move on. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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    A corrupted campaign data file would probably give errors, rather than have data missing. It could be that there were issues saving the campaign database file during your session or when the GM closed down FG. FG creates snapshot files of the campaign database, so it may be possible to revert to an earlier version if that's something you may like to do.

    As a first step, to check on what might have caused the issue and look at options, please provide a screenshot of the <FG app data>\campaigns\<your campaign name> directory (within File Explorer) and turn on the details view so we can see file sizes and date last modified.
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    Also, did you add, change or remove any extensions or themes between the two sessions?

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    Also how are you exiting FG? Right click and exit, or hitting the x in the upper corner.
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