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    My take on the Serpent Class

    Taking inspiration from the ship in Pirates of Drinax I decided to create an advanced scout vessel for my campaign.

    Forge Link:

    The deck layout was created using Campaign Cartographer with the Cosmographer add-on and the Air-Raft was created using MS Visio.

    2022-10-13: Posted update that now includes monthly maintenance costs.
    2022-11-07: Posted update that now includes a 6 Stateroom version of the crew area. Added an elevator to the storage area right above the cargo hold. Other wall updates.
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    I have created a MOD for this with all the full hi-res map (with walls & doors) and ship stats. If anyone is interested in using it, let me know and I can upload it here.

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    It looks tiny but from what I can make out it looks good. It would be nice to have in module form, you might consider uploading it to the forge for better long term visibility. Whichever you do let me know and I will update the appropriate pointed thread.

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    looks great! yes. please do. :-)

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    It does look like it could belong to the Drinax empire so it would be a nice addition to any collection. Does it have LOS implemented?

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    Yes, I have added walls and doors. I will leave lighting to the GMs as it really depends on how they want to use the ship.

    I am planning on getting a Forge account and will post the link here when I get the module online.

    Some basic stats:
    TL: 14
    Hull: 150 Tons
    Armor: 4 (Bonded Superdense)
    M-Drive: 3 (Very advanced, Size Reduction, Energy Efficient)
    J-Drive: 3 (Very Advanced, Size Reduction *2)
    Cargo: 18t
    Pressurized Air Raft
    Weapons: Popup Triple Turret

    Lots of other goodies:
    Repair Drones
    Probe Drones
    Med bay
    5 staterooms
    Common Area
    Storage Areas
    Awesome Software Suite

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    I have the module on the forge awaiting approval. I am also adding the enclosed air raft that I created to the module since it is on the ship. It is in a different art style (it was drawn in MS Visio) than the ship itself because I am still learning how to use CC+Cosmographer...this was the first ship I ever created on the computer. CC is not necessarily hard to use it just does things differently than all the other drawing programs I have used in the past since it is based on a CAD program and is much closer to AutoCAD.

    This is the Air-Raft:

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    That is why I use it, I am trained in AutoCAD and 3D studio max so it is easier for me to understand.

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    I loved messing with 3d studio max. :-) Some of my older models were created in it. If you have that then your set for 3d modelling. I have an older version of Cinema 4d which I also love. Problem with those is just cost for me. I've tried blender over the years (even before it had a decent gui) and decided to try to stick to it this time.

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    For 3d modeling I only have experience with Lightwave3d and then that was just hobby-level stuff. All that was self taught and I only did some basic stuff for myself.

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