Dune 2d20
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    I have updated the first post and put in the Forge link for the module.

    For anyone that downloads it, please let me know if there are issues and I will get them fixed as soon as I can.

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    Posted update that now includes monthly maintenance costs. Should be on the Forge in a few days.

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    I have uploaded a new version to the Forge that should be online in a few days.

    • The update now includes an optional 6 Stateroom version of the crew area as my upcoming campaign will have six players and the ship had the space for it at the sacrifice of the small storage area that was around the hatch that leads to the turret.
    • After thinking about it a bit, I added an elevator to the storage area right above the cargo hold as NO ONE would want to lug all the ships supplies through the entire ship when they have to stock up on food stuffs.
    • Made some wall updates and added terrain boxes around some of the lockers that could possible be hidden behind in case there is a firefight or something.

    Should be live on the forge in a few days.

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    After a few hiccups, the proper update is live.

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