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    Is there any description when to use the dices D100, Low, High and Open?

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    Hi Widukind,

    In Rolemaster it really depends on what you are rolling for so you usually need to figure it out based on what is happening. Attacks are high open-ended. Criticals are either a d100 or high open-ended depending on if it is a large or super large critical table or not. RRs and skills are open-ended. I can't really think of a low open-ended and don't know if there are any since I don't think I've ever had to roll one. Maybe someone can let us know.


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    Attacks, Critical hits - high open-ended
    RRs,skills - open-ended
    ?? - low-ended

    maybe someone can let us know us more

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    Only Arms Large, Arms Super Large, Spells Large, and Spells Super Large are the only high open-ended critical tables that I can think of. All the rest are a D100. Spell fumbles are high open-ended but weapon fumbles are D100. If there is a table involved you can usually look at the range of the table to determine what roll should be done for it.

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