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Thread: 3.5 content?

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    3.5 content?

    I understand that only the 3.5 SRD basically the core books are available but has anyone uploaded the expanded material? I am running a campaign in 3.5 and need more than the core content!

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    Unfortunately, the publisher for D&D 3.5E has never allowed licensing or publication of any 3.5E material other than the SRD. You could petition the publisher to see if they would allow access; but our experience when asking previously was a negative answer.


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    3.5 was published by Wizards of the Coast. They allowed 4e, and 5e, but not 3.5?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordaris View Post
    3.5 was published by Wizards of the Coast. They allowed 4e, and 5e, but not 3.5?
    Welcome to the FG forums!

    WotC didn't allow any 4E content for Fantasy Grounds, only 5E (and later 1E/2E). As Moon Wizard mentions, this is all in the hands of Wizards of the Coast - you can petition them to see if they'll allow official D&D 3.5E support in Fantasy Grounds. And if they allowed it, converters would then have to be found to do the product conversions.
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    When I used to run 3.5E with Fantasy Grounds a long time ago, I would just enter what I needed to run a session directly in the campaign (only what I needed, not trying to load whole books), since that was before any licensing was allowed. You can still do that as well.


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    Are you looking for modules, random tables, monster books, or all the aforementioned?

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