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    Fantasy Grounds - Beta Release v4.3.0

    As always, we're a small company so we rely on our community to help sound out each new release. Thanks in advance to all those who pitch in.

    Accessing the Beta
    Only the Test mode slot contains this version. Test Mode can be accessed by selecting the Settings button from the Fantasy Grounds launch screen, changing the mode setting in the Settings dialog, and then selecting Update button to update the files to the test version. I will update this thread as I release new iterations of the test version.

    Beta Data
    When using the Test channel in Fantasy Grounds Settings, your data files for the Test version will be stored in a separate subfolder under the main Fantasy Grounds data folder called "channels\Test\". This will not impact any campaigns in the Live mode (until full release occurs).

    Key Things
    1) Always backup your campaign data before running the test version.
    2) If the GM is running on Test channel, then all of the players will also be running on Test channel.
    3) If you encounter an issues log them in the relevant testing thread - don't use the generic House of Healing, but use this forum.
    4) Do not use the Test build for your games if you and your group are not comfortable with testing pre-release software.
    5) Do not use the Test build for developer DLC for store or forge submission (as the data file formats may have changed, or will change more during the beta).

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    Several custom dice packs will be made temporarily available to all users with license keys during the beta testing period, but will require a separate purchase after the beta ends.

    Consolidated Update Notes
    • Custom dice packs can be bought via the FG store, and customized per campaign.
    • Dice visual size increased by 25%.
    • Dice text for dice that can be color customized can be changed to any color, not just black and white.
    • Dice are now linked to desktop panel, which can be moved by each user.
    • Formatted text drawing performance improvements.
    • Token fog-of-war is now disabled by default. CoreRPG-based rulesets will set FoW to always on for friendly units, and always off for non-friendly units. This can be controlled via an option.
    • Rulesets and extensions with multiple installed versions will show prioritized load source in version information.
    • Shadows missing on all 10-sided dice models. Fixed.
    • Painting rectangle shapes from right to left with add overlay mode would sometimes not link shapes. Fixed.
    • Clicking fill preview to set fill color (instead of tint control box) would not correctly set the fill color. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Source name (ruleset/extension) added to error output for script files.
    • [DEV] Object type tag added to error output for embedded scripts.
    • [DEV] Window class name added to error output for embedded scripts on window controls.
    • [DEV] Some events updated to stop further processing if any handler returns true. (Comm.onReceiveMessage, Comm.onReceiveOOBMessage, Interface.onHotkeyDrop, Interface.onHotkeyActivated, Interface.onLinkActivate, Module.onUnloadedReference)
    • [DEV] Added default calls to global scripts on desktop initialization (onTabletopInit, onTabletopClose). Obviates need for onDesktopInit event registration.
    • [DEV] Added API: Comm - addKeyedEventHandler/removeKeyedEventHandler([eventName], [msg.type], fnCallback) [eventName = onReceiveMessage, onReceiveOOBMessage]
    • [DEV] Added API: databasenode - getChildList
    • [DEV] Added API: DB - addEventHandler/removeEventHandler([eventName], fnCallback) [eventName = onImport, onExport, onAuxCharLoad]
    • [DEV] Added API: DB - getChildList, isNode
    • [DEV] Added API: formattedtextcontrol - getText
    • [DEV] Added API: Input - addEventHandler/removeEventHandler([eventName], fnCallback) [eventName = onAlt, onControl, onShift]
    • [DEV] Added API: Interface - isWindowClass
    • [DEV] Added API: Interface - addKeyedEventHandler/removeKeyedEventHandler([eventName], [windowclass], fnCallback) [eventName = onLinkActivate, onWindowOpened, onWindowClosing, onWindowClosed]
    • [DEV] Added API: Interface - addKeyedEventHandler/removeKeyedEventHandler([eventName], [hotkeytype], fnCallback) [eventName = onHotkeyActivated, onHotkeyDrop]
    • [DEV] Added API: Module - addEventHandler/removeEventHandler([eventName], fnCallback) [eventName = onModuleAdded, onModuleRemoved, onModuleUpdated, onActivationRequested, *onUnloadedReference, onModuleLoad, onModuleUnload]
    • [DEV] Added API: Token - addEventHandler/removeEventHandler([eventName], fnCallback) [eventName = onAdd, onDelete, onHover, onHoverUpdate, onClickDown, onClickRelease, onDoubleClick, onWheel, onDrop, onDragStart, onDrag, onDragEnd, onMove, onContainerChanged, onTargetUpdate]
    • [DEV] Added API: User - addEventHandler/removeEventHandler([eventName], fnCallback) [eventName = onLogin, onUserStateChange, onIdentityActivation, onIdentityStateChange]
    • [DEV] Added API: windowinstace - getDatabasePath
    • [DEV] textcontrol.setLine API would not update display if called after onInit. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Exception error generated if token deleted while it is being dragged. Exception fixed. Deletion of token during dragging will cancel drag action.
    • [DEV] Database onObserverUpdate event not triggering on player client when sharing public node. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Exception error generated if control has same name attribute as insertbefore attribute. Fixed.
    • [DEV] windowlist.isEmpty returned incorrect value. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Interface.onWindowClosed event now triggers after the window is closed with different parameters. Use Interface.addKeyedEventHandler("onWindowClosing", [class] or "", fn) to capture pre-close event.
    • [DEV] DB.findNode no longer allows empty string or nil value to return root node. Use DB.getRoot() if you need to get the root database node.
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    Dice packs activations for FGU Standard and Ultimate were not working properly. This should now be fixed.

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    • Gold and Dark Gold dice packs updated to display more like they were designed.
    • Color select dialog adjusted to hide dice color pickers for dice with fixed colors.
    • New Linux build added.
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    • Some dice skin specular values adjusted.
    • Some dice skin trail emissions adjusted.
    • Extra sound delay removed when adding multiple dice via right click.
    • Color information not being sent to remote clients for some custom metal dice skins. Fixed.
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    • Dice visual size increased by 25%.
    • Dice are now linked to desktop panel, which can be moved by each user.
    • Dice skin buttons can now be dragged to hot key bar.
    • [DEV] Added dicesettings.panel definition (name, offset, padding attributes)

    Developer Notes
    The following rulesets need to be adjusted to use the new dicepanel, and the dice may not lay out correctly:
    [2E, Alien, Vaesen]
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    • Updates to multiple rulesets to handle new dice panel and larger dice.

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    • Some reference manual images not displaying in center as expected. Fixed.
    • Dice placement was not working correctly in rulesets without dice panel defined. Fixed.

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    • Mac build file dialogs were not working. Fixed.

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    • Formatted text drawing performance improvements.
    • Dice lighting trail particles moving in wrong direction. Fixed.

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