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    then use the red skull icon at the bottom of the combat tracker and dump them on the map.
    Yes, I would like to make a new feature request to have the same skull icon in the encounter window, to enable bulk add.

    It would work in exactly the same way as the existing bulk add function in the CT window (and this existing bulk add is a great feature by the way, that I suspect 90% of users don't even know exists, saves heaps of time).

    You'll need then to move each one to where they need to be of course - so I'm not sure how much time that's going to save you.
    Would save a lot of time for a large number of NPCs.
    In that demo video Lo Zeno linked to above it would have saved maybe 30% of the encounter preparation time and that was just with 20 Goblins.

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    OK, well add your suggestion to the wish list. Link in my signature.
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea here

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    Hopefully it will make it from the wish list into a release one day.

    Wish list was interesting reading.
    I see there are 541 items in the wish list. With just 7 in with the completed status. Of the 7 implemented requests only 1 was a popular request.

    There was a number of items in the wish list talking about LUA (the scripting programming language). I am guessing all of FGU was programmed in LUA? As this would go some way to explain the performance issues. So an interesting language choice. This also makes me wonder if I could get into the LUA source code and just add the feature I want myself?

    There are some other really excellent items in the wish list (Aura effects, animated GIF / Webm support, token height indicators, etc). Hope to see some of these deserving ideas implemented as well.

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    I don't see why you couldn't write an extension to achieve what you want.

    I think the biggest challenge will be what Trenloe pointed out: If you mass-drop the tokens, wherever they fall, that will be their starting position the next time you use the encounter. The drag-and-drop you do after the drop is not remembered in the encounter, you will need to save the adjusted position in the database for the encounter-

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedBrother View Post
    Thanks for adding. You may want to vote for your suggestion!
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    Note that Many of the suggestions are not marked as completed yet they are. SW only goes in and updates the status very infrequently.

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