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    Experience playing a solo game on Fantasy Grounds

    I am thinking about using the Fantasy Grounds platform to run some solo games, just for my own amusement. Has anyone tried this before? What were your experiences? How did you put some randomization into the game to prevent yourself from being the ultimate metagamer?

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    There are quite a few Solo Guides/Rules on DriveThruRPG that contain all sorts of tables for playing solo.
    I would try one of those and see what elements work for you.
    Playing through published adventures is going to be hard not to metagame a little!

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    There are also adventures on the DMsG already setup for FG:

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    I ran a 5E lair assault solo for myself, opening up a second instance of FGU when I first switched to FGU from classic just to get feel for what FGU was like and the differences between the Player and DM views. I would say the experience is about the same as same as not using a VTT - except its much easier to leave and come back to for multiple sessions since FGU preserves the state of the game in the combat tracker and map.

    There are some other advantages like if you were on a laptop and commuting or flying somewhere all the information, dice, rules are also in the laptop so you don't have to carry anything but the laptop.

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    I’ve played a few now. Some solo adventures on dmsguild take you on an adventure from 1st level through multiple adventures. They are fun and I have played them a few times solo and then as a single player and DM with my son.

    I would highly recommend it as a path to learning FGU and your first DM experience with just one connected player.

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    Also tried this a few times and pretty much use the dice to randomise my decisions on which path I should take, and generating tables for loot, monsters and such. It works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllivasKram View Post
    I’ve played a few now.
    Any recommendations for someone wanting to try solo for the first time?

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    I use Mythic Game Master Edition cards as a writing tool for scenarios capturing the play in FGU. I mostly run Call of Cthulhu and have automated NPC creation and use Story Templates for generating scene info. Once it comes to a natural conclusion I’ll tidy up the Story entries into something I can run with players and then add art assets.

    Mythic is a great tool, pick it up on DriveThru and spend some time getting to use it. Once it becomes a bit more fluid you creativity kicks in and building stories becomes easier. It works with any game system too.

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    A short follow-up to my original post. I purchased the Death Knight's Squire off the Dungeon Masters' Guild. I got version that was converted to Fantasy Ground by Rob2E. It was a blast!

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    I’m waiting for the next next next instalment.

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