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    updates log

    Is there a log somewhere of updates to RMC and FRP.

    If we update RMC but the relavant extension for FRP is not yet out we tend to get script errors.

    So I dont want to run updates before a game in case it wont work.

    Is theer a thread or place that lists when updates have occured for RMC and FRP?

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    For RMC, the updates usually are in one of the weekly update threads here:

    For FRP, you can see the last update if you look at it in the Forge.

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    FRP updates normally happen a few day to a week after the release of the new version of RMC. Sorry about that. I do try to get it out as soon as possible just depends on the changes and sometime how I have to rethink things.

    New version for FRP up tomorrow.

    As for now I am not putting new feature in FRP, just making sure it works with RMC, if there is new features in RMC this comes across with FRP.

    I also tend to announce in discord when a new version comes up.

    Also if you look at and look at last update it give you and idea when the last version came out. ALso you can ping me in discord anytime to give me a hurry up if I am taking too long I don't mind.
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    Thanks for that. will update and keep and eye on what you have both mentioned.

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