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Thread: FG Con 2022

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    FG Con 2022

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    It's official, FG Con is coming back!

    We are happy to announce that FG Con 2022 has been greenlit by SmiteWorks and will be held November 25th-27th, 2022. We will be celebrating all things Fantasy Grounds all weekend long.

    • October 1st - GM Game Submission Forms go live
    • November 1st - Player sign-ups go live on
    • November 15th - GM Game Submission Forms close

    FG Con 2022 will be accepting game submissions for all rulesets from around the world using our favorite VTT, Fantasy Grounds. will be used for our event management. The Event Organizer will be listing the games on Warhorn on behalf of the GMs.

    The Fantasy Grounds Discord will be used for virtual table mustering and voice.

    There will be two scheduling components to the event.
    1. D&D Adventurers League and Paizo Organized Play will be scheduled in a 72 hour event grid
    2. ALL other games will be submitted by the GM in their date and time LOCAL to them

    Game Master Incentives
    This year we have been authorized by SmiteWorks to include all GMs participating in the convention to receive gift certificates from our in-house Organized Play program. Here is a breakdown:
    • $5(U.S.) gift certificate at DriveThru RPG/DMs Guild for each game run
    • 1,000 Fantasy Grounds Forge gold for every three games run (cumulative across all official Fantasy Grounds Organized Play Game Days)

    Please add our event to your calendar and consider participating as a Game Master and/or player. More details to follow as the event approaches.


    Greg "G-Rex"
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    GM Registration is now live!

    We have two portions of FG Con 2022, both require a Google Form for game submission. Here are a few things we would like all GM's to keep in mind before submitting:

    • We are asking for days and times local to you, daylight savings will be happening between now and the convention in many parts of the world

    • You may be asked if you are registered for the Warhorn event. We need you registered so we can assign you your table as part of the event management. You can register here: closed

    • The Event Organizer will be updating the Warhorn event with the game listings. There are no expectations from the GMs to interact with Warhorn. Checking in from time to time for player count, discussion, and to view the player Discord names is encouraged but optional

    • We will be using the Fantasy Grounds Discord server for table mustering and event communication to include voice channels. There will be server Roles opening on November 1st with expanded game tables. You will receive an email when they are open. Please get your GM Role no later than 1 week before the event. (If you have selected to stream your game and need to use a different platform for your game that is fine, but the players and event organizer will still be using the assigned Discord channel to perform muster and communicate before your game)

    • If you would like to run more than one game please submit a Form for each game you wish to run

    • The game submission Forms will be closed on or about November 15th. However, the sooner we can get games on the schedule the sooner we can ask for publisher support

    GM Game Form Submission Forms

    First, we have our general game submissions. This includes all rulesets run in any format such as a one-shot, mini-campaign for the weekend, publisher-sanctioned events, etc.

    [B]General game form submission:Closed

    Second, we have both D&D Adventurers League and Paizo Organized Play on a standard convention event grid. Each slot is 5 hours for a total of 13 slots for the weekend.

    The event grid can be viewed here:

    AL game submission form: Closed
    Paizo Organized Play game submission form: Closed

    Thank you everybody for such a great community. Please feel free to ask any questions or share your comments in the thread below.
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    Player Info

    Players, FG Con 2022 game sign-ups are live!

    To view games that are added to the schedule as they are received please register for our event at
    The table listings can be found here:

    Game Tags Explained

    [Streamed] - The GM will be streaming the game. Your voice and in game actions will be recorded. No webcams are required but may be preferred by your GM if asked.
    [Learn to Play] - No game system experience or Fantasy Grounds experience required.
    [FG Beginner Friendly] - No Fantasy Grounds experience required.
    [FG Experience Required] - Fantasy Grounds experience required.

    Players only need a Free Demo account of Fantasy Grounds Unity unless a game tag indicates otherwise. I.e. [FG Classic Required][Standard License Required]
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    Will certainly try and run some games!
    Ultimate License. Running Hyperborea and CoC. Asks lots of questions. PureVPN is a tested solution to run games when traveling.

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    You have my Axe, and dice, and gmin, hell you got it all!

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    Wahoo! Now to figure out what I'm running.
    Dale McCoy, Jr (Ultimate License holder)

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    Humm.... I'm looking over the forum on the Discord and not really seeing where to request the "DM Con" tag - I'd like to set up some "Traveller" sessions for FGCon and it looks like that is one of the steps? Should we just message someone?

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    Hi savoylen! We will have the GM Registration info posted above in 'Reserved 2' tomorrow morning my time.

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    I have updated posts 2 and 3 with more event information.

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