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    In need of modifier emplacement for Healing Surge Value on Character Sheet

    Hi dev team,

    My group of player have found a Belt of Vigor (heroic tier), the power of this item is that it's add +1 item bonus to the HS Value of the character that wears it.

    Unfortunately, there is no emplacement like a misc case, to add a modifier to the Healing Surge Value of someone.

    Do you think is there a possibility to patch this ?

    Best regards,

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    The 4E rules are a bit foggy for me by this point. I believe that if you are talking about the amount healed by a HS, you can adjust the modifier by holding Control key and using mouse wheel on the Healing Surge field under wounds (small plus sign indicates ability to add "temporary modifier").

    There is no plan to enhance the 4E ruleset further at this point.


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    Thank you you nailed it ! Didn't know this CTRL + Mouse Wheel feature !
    As always you are on the top !

    Thanks a lot.

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