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    Graphic Load Error

    No Extensions Loaded - No Modules Loaded -5E Ruleset Loaded

    Assets -> Filter:red

    [8/16/2022 6:23:05 PM] [ERROR] Graphic Load: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

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    I am unable to reproduce, is there some step I might be missing?

    Open Assets, and type red, then press enter.

    I tried it on every type (Tokens, Portraits, Images, and All), and it worked just fine for me.

    5E (2022-08-16)
    CoreRPG (2022-08-16)
    FGU 4.2.2 (2022-06-07)

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    Please see the link in my signature for the type of information you can provide to help us help you.

    Logs are always helpful, plus a short set of steps to reproduce the problem when possible are generally the minimum we need.

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    It only happens on Tokens...and only the first time I apply the filter...

    This is a clean campaign(It also happens in my current campaign)...used for test purposes.Capture.JPG

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    Ok...I think I know what it is...It's trying to load MacOS Image files...on a Windows 10 machine...

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    Quote Originally Posted by houseofdexter View Post
    Ok...I think I know what it is...It's trying to load MacOS Image files...on a Windows 10 machine...
    Ok...that definitely is the problem...removed the MacOS image files...and the problem went away...

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    Though we could probably use a better error message like the location of the file that it's having problems loading.

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