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    Vehicle rule request

    Huge ask as I know vehicles in CoC are not necessarily used that widely, but now with Spelljammer being out and vehicles being more fleshed out, it would be amazing to get some additional functionality for CoC and especially Pulp games.

    1. 1 build point = 10 vehicle HP
    2. PC damage absorbed by vehicle armor rate should be deducted from vehicle HP.
    3. Components-wise the only thing called out with special rules in the Keepers guide are tires on page 142:

    Vehicle tires may be targeted with gunfire: apply an additional penalty die to target tires due to their small size. Tires have an armor value of 3 and are only damaged by impaling weapons. If a tire takes 2 points of damage, it bursts. A burst tire reduces a vehicle’s build by 1 point.

    The ability to select a target of either the PC, vehicle or tires would be huge. I really hope you would consider it as it would really round top off the ruleset.


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    also if you want to run Achtung Cthulhu which involves quite a bit of different types of vehicles.
    expanded stats (armor/facing) or possible easy to add extra fields as info so do not break any IP
    Combat tracker/initiative.

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    I also run A!C, and better integreation of vehicles would be very welcome!

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