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    [ONLINE] Experienced 5E player LFG

    My name is Lucas and I'm looking for a long term D&D campaign to get hooked into.

    For experience I have a couple years as both DM and Player - 5E. My location/timezone is USA/PST. I'm available Wednesdays- Mondays @ anytime after 5:45pm PST.
    Game Style: I love RP and Combat, especially when done together. I like exploring fleshed out stories. My preferred way to play is FGU & Discord. I'm interested most in fantasy & high magic. I have great interest in playing a Thri-kreen. Im looking for a mid level game with experienced players and DM. 2-4 hour sessions.

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    I got a overland dungeon crawl based on Monster Hunter on Thursday's at 7pm EST if your interested. lots of homebrew but we got a pretty solid team.

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    Heck yeah, add me over discord and lets chat!


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