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    Interest check Dark Archive Case Files (e.g. SAT 5.30 PM UTC or SUN 1.30 PM UTC)

    Is there any interest in playing the eight case file from the Dark Archive (or a subsection thereof) [PF2]?

    Each case file likely runs for around 2-4 hours (depending on the specific case file and the group) and awards 2 XP (plus appropriate other rewards).

    Each case file is written for four characters of the appropriate level. As this is sanctioned content in adventure mode, the characters do not necessarily need to be PFS2 legal.

    Possible dates include

    A. SAT around 5.30 PM UTC

    B. SUN around 1.30 PM UTC

    C. FRI around 6 PM UTC

    If you are interested, please include the times that would generally work for you.

    The case files are:

    The Beast of Birchfrost (3rd level)

    Shaking the Helping Hand (5th level)

    A Song of Making and Unmaking (6th level)

    Lady of the Harvest (7th level)

    The Verdure of Iblydos (8th level)

    Wishes in Krasnoprudny (9th level)

    Tomorrow’s Feast (10th level)

    The Last Dream (12th level)

    As there aren't pregens for all level and there are only four slots, my preference would be for a somewhat stable group - though only joining some of the case files may be possible if there is a higher interest in that mode.

    Note however that if you sign up and either don't show up (or drop out shortly before the game), I would give preference to other players next time. Please also note that foe these case files I would expect players to have their characters ready at the start of the session so we can start on time (help to set the characters is available if necessary and if done ahead of time).

    "These adventures contain horror-related themes, including body horror, mind control, and themes of gaslighting and emotional abuse. One adventure also requires players to withold information from each other and potentially act against each others’ interests. Before you begin, understand that player consent (including that of the Game Master) is vital to a safe and fun play experience for everyone."

    "Players who play through each Dark Archive Case File, as well as GMs who run the adventure, can apply the adventure’s Chronicle Sheet to any of their Pathfinder Society Organized Play characters. Players and GMs must decide which character to apply credit to when they receive the Chronicle Sheet. The Chronicle Sheet gives 2 Experience Points, 2 Reputation with one faction, and 5 Treasure Bundles appropriate to a character of their level. It also grants 4 days of Downtime. These adventures are not repeatable, therefore an individual may earn a Chronicle Sheet once as player and once as GM for each adventure."

    How to apply: Either reply to this post or send me a DM through the forums or through Discord (and include the times that would work for you).

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    I would possibly be interested. Since it's unlikely to play them all on the same day, how often did you plan on playing? I would guess something like once a week?
    Most weekdays EU evening times would probably work for me. I don't know about weekends, as there can be other stuff.
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    It really depends on how much interest there is, especially as there's not really any difference between playing one or all eight.

    But yes, most likely once every week or every two weeks.

    Around half of them seem like they will take at most two hours (so potentially two could work in one slot), others are closer to 3 hours or even longer.

    Weekdays I currently have Monday, Thursday and Friday free UTC evening (though obviously depending on the particular week) [Tuesday we'll see, still looking].

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    At this point unfortunately safe to say that there does not seem to be enough interest currently.

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