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    LFP 4-6, Sat 8 PM GMT+2, Forgotten Realms Essential Kit

    Game System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th
    Day of Week: Saturday
    Frequency: Weekly
    Time of Day & Duration: 8 PM – 11 PM
    Your Timezone: GMT +2
    Campaign Name: Dragon of Icespire Peak (Essenial Kit)
    Campaign Length: Short+ (see below)
    Campaign Style: Good mix of combat, exploration and roleplay
    Campaign Starting Date: End of August
    VTT: Fantasy Grounds (Ultimate License, no need to pay)
    Voice/Text: Only Voice using Discord, no camera
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed: No
    Persuasion: LGBTQIA+ friendly
    Group Size: Looking for 4 – 6 players
    Player Restriction: Age 20+
    Player Experience: Any and all, new players are very welcome! I only ask that you are willing to learn the basics of Fantasy Grounds with my help
    GM Experience: 25+ years
    Permitted Source Books: All official books are allowed (and most owned in FG), as well as published 3rd party material based on GM’s discretion
    Player Options: Most options are fine with me, though I reserve late judgement for selections that I anticipate to be troublesome
    Starting Level: 1st
    Setting Info: Forgotten Realms

    The frontier town of Phandalin is built on the ruins of a much older settlement. Hundreds of years ago, the old Phandalin was a thriving human town whose people were firmly allied with neighboring dwarves and gnomes. Then an orc horde swept through the area and laid waste to the settlement, and Phandalin was abandoned for centuries.

    In the last three or four years, settlers from the cities of Neverwinter and Waterdeep have begun the hard work of reclaiming the ruins of Phandalin. The new settlement is home now to farmers, woodcutters, fur traders, and prospectors drawn by stories of gold and platinum in the foothills of the Sword Mountains. But the arrival of dark forces in the region threatens to destroy all that they've worked to rebuild.

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for several players to join me in exploring the Essential Kit adventure ‘Dragon of Icespire Peak’. While this module is mainly aimed at new D&D players, I can promise even veteran players a good and hopefully enjoyable time if the premise sounds interesting to you. The plan is to start with the aforementioned adventure and, once this has concluded to everyone’s satisfaction, continue on with the following three modules in this campaign line. That means that the duration of this game is variable. You are free to jump in and only stay for Dragon of Icespire Peak, leaving after we have finished, or you may stick around longer if you feel so inclined. Playing through all of the four adventures will take us a good deal more than a year and see you getting all the way up to level 13 and maybe even higher.

    The basic setup for the village of Phandalin and surroundings is quite open and does not follow a specific singular plot or storyline. The entire area on the Sword Coast south of Neverwinter is yours to explore, so bringing a character with a good amount of personal drive and ambition to go out into the world and see what can be found there is highly recommended.

    As I have mentioned above, neither play nor Fantasy Grounds experience is necessary (though you should be familiar with the basic rules of 5E), I’m happy to help, explain and teach, as long as you are interested in doing so as well.

    If this sounds interesting to you, please send me a message on Discord DMR#8621 and we can have a chat
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    I have sent you a request and a message on discord from username Ashenaa

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    Should have enough players for this game now!

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    Wrong time zone for me, but I wish I could have gotten in on this one. Any other DM's want to give this a try too? Would love to do this.

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    If you have someone drop out let me know. Looking for a group for sat, sun

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