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    Do you play nice in the sandbox?

    Hello. I've been an on-and-off player for many years and have been playing on FG for about a year. I would like to join a group that plays weekly.

    I'm interested in a group of fun, mature players who take the game seriously enough to really make play interesting, yet not so seriously that players' feelings get hurt in real life if something doesn't go their way. I believe party members should be kind, helpful and cooperative, and that is how I try to play.

    Happy to talk offline if you have an opening and would like to discuss. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to talk.

    Thank you!


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    What system and day or time?
    Playing since 1983, DM since 1985, FGC Full License, FGU Ultimate License.

    Currently GMing:
    * OSRIC AD&D (1st Edition) (Saturday)
    * Fallout (Sunday)
    * Horror on the Hill 5e (Monday)
    * OSRIC AD&D (1st Edition) (Tuesday)

    4+ years of gaming via FG

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