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    Quote Originally Posted by Tooting Dog View Post
    Are you, as the player, able to grab the tokens your DM places on the map and move them around?
    I will try to grab a token ASADMP (As soon as DM-ly possible OR As soon as my DM permits)

    Quote Originally Posted by Tooting Dog View Post
    I have a suspicion that your DM is placing the token images on the map but they are not linked to and are not derived from the combat tracker. If you can grab the token and move it, this would indicate my thinking.
    Honestly i'm just about to send him the thread and let him respond.

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    You wrote an "or." What I was getting at is you have to be the player. Normally, players cannot move a DMs token. But if he is placing it like I think he may be doing, a player can move the token. (There can also be targetting difficulties and if he has it set to show damage vertical lines, to show names, you may not see those either on the token.)

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