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    Beta Release - 2022-08 Ruleset Updates

    The ruleset updates for August 2022 are now in beta testing. The plan is to push the new versions by August 16, due to DLC release schedules.

    As always, we're a small company so we rely on our community to help sound out each new release. Thanks in advance to all those who pitch in.

    Only the Test mode slot contains this version. Test Mode can be accessed by selecting the Settings button from the Fantasy Grounds launch screen, changing the mode setting in the Settings dialog, and then selecting Update button to update the files to the test version. I will update this thread as I release new iterations of the test version.

    Key Things
    1) Please make a copy of your campaign data for running in the Test data folder.
    2) If the GM is running on Test channel, then all of the players will also need to be running on Test channel.
    3) If you encounter an issues log them in the relevant testing thread - don't use the generic House of Healing, but use this thread.


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    NOTE: If you run into any errors, please disable all extensions to see if you get the same errors. If so, please report to the extension developer. It is expected that many extensions will be broken with this beta release.

    NOTE 2: If you run into any issues with rulesets provided through the FG update system, please post in the Laboratory forum.

    NOTE 3: If you run into any issues with rulesets provided by the community, please post in the relevant threads.

    DEV NOTE 1: If you are a developer and need assistance figuring out the changes, please let me know via post or PM.

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    Update Summary
    • [CoreRPG] Updated combat tracker suffix addition option to only consider names of creatures in same faction.
    • [5E] Vehicle record support added.
    • [5E] Damage/condition vuln/resist/immune added to combat tracker entry defense subsection.
    • [5E] Vehicle components can be targeted for attack/damage rolls by dropping on vehicle component in the combat tracker.
    • [CoreRPG] Vehicle header name field clipping incorrectly. Fixed.
    • [5E] NPC action type headers incorrectly visible when record locked and list empty. Fixed.
    • [5E] Specialization field incorrectly editable in class feature entries when the entry is locked for classes with specializations created prior to July in non-read-only exported modules. Fixed. (Suggested export setting is read-only for character options modules.)
    • [DEV][CoreRPG+] Consolidation of common string resources.
    • [DEV][CoreRPG/5E] Combat tracker entry subsections have been redesigned and migrated to subwindows.
    • [DEV][5E] Item record subsections have been redesigned and migrated to subwindows.
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    Updates Today
    • [DEV][5E] Internal item record class consolidation.

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    Updates Today
    • [5E] Updated combat tracker suffix addition option to only consider names of creatures/vehicles in same faction.
    • [DEV][CoreRPG/5E] More code cleanup

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    Updates Today
    • [CoreRPG+] Removed unused graphic.
    • [5E] Random/Max house rule option did not work with EN Level Up product data. Fixed.

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    Note: The ruleset changes will being going Live today in a few hours, in order to support the Spelljammer release at midnight.

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