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    Unless you add tokens from the Combat Tracker then it's just a token on the map. Everyone can see them and everyone can interact with them.

    For what you are trying to do your best plan is to have the massive combat 'off camera' and just have the PCs fight whoever you want them to fight. You don't need to represent the 'off screen' fighting with tokens. Just every so often describe what's going on outside of what the PCs are doing. If you want them to sneak through the fighting do it via 'Theatre of the Mind'; maybe roll some dice every so often to heighten the suspense. Maybe even add in a random encounter with some oozes. But basically concentrate on what the PCs are doing and just (dramatically) describe what else is going on.
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    If you add tokens from anywhere except Encounters or the Combat Tracker, they will not be linked to an NPC, plus you will not easily be able to control their visibility.

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    Have a look at this EXTN : https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/337/view

    Situational Awareness

    Situational Awareness allows you to pre-load all your encounters and only see the ones that are "active". This will let you visually see all the other encounters in the area and if necessary pull them into the CT. Previously you would have to look at each room's description and possible look at encounter links as well.

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    If you have a big battle with a bunch of hidden, or not used until wave-x, monsters, you can also leave those units hidden and use the "Turn: Skip Hidden Actor" function in the options, under Combat. Worked handily for me before when we had a kind of run-n-gun endurance thing where they were running out of a dungeon to escape BBEG.

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    If you launch another copy of FG, you can connect to yourself (the ip address is "localhost") and see how it works for players
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