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    missing Commerce Raider - Harrier-class - Deckplans

    not sure if this is missing or just some thing wrong on my end but whein i click on the Commerce Raider - Harrier-class - Deck plans it pulls up a blank map box

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    Do you know what reference? The records for 'The Harrier in Pirates of Drinax - Book 2' looks good on my end

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    Hey, just confirming, the plans are missing from the Drinaxian Companion link under Section 12 Commerce Raider (Harrier-Class). The link in book 2 works. For both links the image doesn't show in the body of the text, instead having a "missing image" type block. When I click on the block in Book 2 it opens the deckplans image. In the Companion, it opens the same type of image box, but its blank. The more detailed description in the Drinaxian Companion doesn't quite match the deck plans in Book 2, so I thought they might be updated. Can't find anything different on Google, though, so I suspect its the same and the differences in the description (Galley, central passageway, etc.) are typical Traveller imagination discrepancies.

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    Thanks for that yes its the same for me missing in the companion link missing harrier.JPG

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