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    FG AL Community Growth

    We are looking for more DM's to grow our monthly D&D Adventurers League Game Day.

    Program details:

    • The AL Game Day is run monthly on the main Fantasy Grounds Discord server

    • The soft schedule is the 4th Saturday of every month

    • Games are scheduled across four time slots, similar to a one day convention format

    • DM's need either a Standard or Ultimate license

    • Event management is performed on Warhorn - the event coordinators take care of the game listings and player wrangling

    DM's qualify for the following rewards:

    • $5(U.S.) DM's Guild gift certificate for each game run

    • 1,000 FG Forge Gold for every three games run

    The official FG AL Discord community can be found by reacting to the AL Player role in the following Discord channel: https://discord.gg/xHpBayxnpD

    Please reply to this thread or send a pm to G-Rex#1398 on Discord if you have any further questions.

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    July 23rd Game Day

    DM Registration is now open for the July 23rd Game Day. Please fill out the following Form to get your game listed on Warhorn and qualify for our DM rewards!

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