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    Pathfinder Society: Going Forward

    Hello Everyone!

    I am going to be developing the Pathfinder Society Scenarios for Fantasy Grounds, starting with the newer material but with the intent on getting everything into the store and available for anyone who enjoys PFS on FG and would like to save themselves the time and effort to creating the material for it yourself. I would love nothing better than to say that Fantasy Grounds is the leader in PFS on the VTT!

    For starters, I will be tackling the latest in Season 3 and preparing for Season 4 with the intent of having the newest material in the store on or as near to the release date as possible.

    As for my goals with the individual content of each scenario, I am attacking that with the idea of “what would I want to see if I was running or playing through one of these adventures?” So, you should expect each to include all the beautiful artwork that comes with the scenario; an easy to read, easy to run format with a full feature reference manual and story-mode index to make navigating simple; Line of Sight and Lighting as appropriate for all maps; full automation of creatures; and a full array of easy-to-use encounters – this includes encounters built for groups that have a challenge scale that goes beyond the base encounter!

    The idea will be to have everything on hand, easy to reference, with easy to implement formats that will make playing a breeze. I welcome feedback, suggestions, and comments that will help make playing PFS on FG the best possible experience it can be.

    ~ Valleja/Lissa

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    Welcome aboard Valleja! You nailed what I look for in an FG adventure. LoS, tier appropriate encounters, and parcels.

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    Woo hoo! welcome aboard indeed.

    My answer is simple: we need more PFS2 intro modules and repeatable (I know there aren't a bunch of those) to be converted, and in general more Pathfinder 2 SOCIETY scenarios.

    Related to that, the Absalom Initiation needs to be updated to have indexes and more user-friendly layout... we know its a great mod, but many shun it as the navigation was a nightmare. Now, to be fair, the original document is huge, however SmiteWorks has a great opportunity here to showcase how a conversion can actually IMPROVE useability. Some quick suggestions specific to this requested conversion revision:
    1. Break up the large (huge really) sections into smaller ones specific to each player interaction, example the party is one long rambling list you have to scroll through.
    2. Once broken up, create an index that references those sections (I know this is basic conversion stuff, but it is sorely lacking in this specific conversion). ex. For the party, there should be one page with all the characters available showing name and link only, and if they assign a mission a link to that.
    3. Need to revisit missions and scaling the encounters, howe all this info is organized. There is much work to organize this but a good conversion revision will greatly help raise the value of this mod. As it is, it has a very bad reputation and is not the best showcase of FantasyGrounds. I DM / GM both 5e (80% ) and PF2 (20%) and we can notice the difference in recent revisions to 5e products that are not yet rolled out to PF2.

    Your Story Mode Index sounds like it could solve many of these pain points, and implementing it as a revision to existing intros and low-level repeatable scenarios would be AMAZING!

    We are excited to have you, and look forward to you enhancing what's available!
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    I have already converted at least a dozen scenarios, including the recent repeatable 3-13. If you'd like to look at my layout, let me know.

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