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    LF 1 Player for 5e Homebrew setting Thurs 4pm-8pm CST USA (Closed)

    FG License: I have the FG Unity Ultimate License, so all you need is the FG Unity demo in order to play
    Game System: D&D 5e

    Time Zone: Central Time USA
    Day of week and time: Thursdays starting at 4pm CST(USA)
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 4 hours every week ONLY PLAYERS WHO CAN ATTEND 95% OF GAMES SHOULD APPLY. This is my one big rule since most games fall apart due to players cancelling. New players will be put on probation and must attend their first 4 games or risk being kicked.
    Term: This is designed as a long term campaign. I will continue to create new content as long as there is continued interest in playing. We just started at the end of February and are only a few sessions in.

    Text or Voice: Text and Voice (Voice required)
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? I will not be recording or live streaming this game and currently other players will not either. If you wish to record or stream just get permission from other players before doing so.

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Ideally this would be a 33/33/33 between roleplay, exploration, and combat, but some sessions may be heavier in some areas than other.
    Number of Players in game & needed: We currently have 4 players. We currently need one more player.
    Character starting level & equipment: Currently players are level 4 with basic equipment. We are using the Milestone leveling system. I want the story taking place between levels 5-10 (since I feel that is where 5e is most balanced)
    Character restrictions: Only published WotC material is guaranteed to be ok (no unearthed arcana). If a new book comes out in the middle of the campaign I am open to you altering your character with the material at that point. If you wish to use any material from a 3rd party that would require a conversation with me as to what can be done.

    Details of your scenario: The world of Ushatria is very much like our Earth's Medieval period. Only humans live on the planet (you can still play any race) and magic is seen as something that only exists in fairy tales. Your story starts out in a small village called Edgeholm in the Holy Queendom of Nemulon. In recent times villagers have been whispering of doom and destruction coming to the lands as several dark omens have been noticed across the land. To confirm their suspicions, the village of Edgeholm was raided, not by simple bandits, but what can only be described as an army. Their goal apparently had something to do with the mysterious stone structure located not far from the village. Called the Silver Doors, for obvious reasons, no one has been able to enter in recorded history, until now. Your party was chosen, maybe by fate or because the plot demanded it, to be sacrifices in an ancient ritual meant to save the world according to the mysterious enigmatic leader of this unknown army. However, instead of dying as intended magic begins to awaken and your party instead inherits mythical powers which will forever change your lives. After waking up and discovering a year has since passed the party has decided to rescue the villagers of Edgeholm who have been held as prisoners and slaves during your absence. Where your story will take you after that is up to you.

    Details about the game:
    • This is going to be a mature game. However, if you feel uncomfortable with any aspect of the game or players please let me know and we will address it as a group. Bigotry of any kind is not tolerated and will result in you being kicked and blocked.
    • The game will start as a low fantasy setting and progress to a high fantasy setting. Expect magic items to be rare at the beginning (although I have a crafting system set in place if you want something specific).
    • We will be using the standard array for character creation.
    • We are going to use Tasha's alternate racial stats rule (you gain a +2 and +1 to any ability score you choose, or you take whatever your racial bonus is in RAW).
    • Character backgrounds will be flexible. You can either choose a background from WotC published material or follow the following rules. Pick 2 skills to gain proficiency in. Pick one language to learn. Pick one tool to gain proficiency in. You may then choose one of the following; one language proficiency, one tool proficiency, 25gp, roll a d20. If you choose to roll a d20 and roll a 18 or 20 you gain one language proficiency, one tool proficiency, 25gp, and an extra skill proficiency. If you roll a 1 thru 17 you gain nothing. If you choose to use the alternate background rules please try to think of a story that would make sense as to why you have these bonuses.
    • Any class from published WotC material is allowed (no Unearthed Arcana). There will be no multiclassing (unless there is and EXTREMELY good reason for it and you can convince me). This is mostly for balancing reasons.
    • We are not rolling for HP, you take the average plus con written in your class description every level. This is mostly for bookkeeping reasons. If you want to roll for HP you must talk with the DM, show you can keep detailed notes so we know what was rolled for each level, and you take what you roll (no safety nets for rolling 1's).
    • You can gain new languages know based on your Intelligence modifier. At a +2 modifier you learn one additional language, and at a +4 modifier you learn one more language.
    • I want players to create a very detailed background story for their character. This allows me to create plot hooks for you and the party. I will work with you on this during character creation.
    • One point of inspiration will be awarded at the end of each session by players voting on who should get it. Using a point of inspiration will allow you to immediately reroll ANY roll (except in the case of specifically influencing party members) you just made, you must declare you are using your inspiration before the results of the roll are given by the DM, inspiration is non-transferable, you may hold a maximum of 3 points of inspiration.
    • We are using the Slow Natural Healing variant rule, the Massive Damage System Shock variant rule, an injury variant rule, and the Instant Death rule.
    • I have an optional rule for character creation called the Child of Chaos. Basically you will randomly role everything for your character. Stats, race, class, etc. Once you begin rolling this character you cannot stop even if you roll horribly. The benefit to using this rule is increased bonuses during level up (things like feats, stat increases, and even blessings and boons).
    • I have also created some additional abilities for martial classes based on the weapon you use in order to give them a bit more flavor and power compared to casters. Theses will take on the form of powerful cooldowns you can use once per rest.
    • If there is a disagreement in rules we will take 5 minutes discussing it before I make a ruling for that session. Afterwards we can discuss it after the session to determine how we will proceed in the future.
    • I am fine with some discord between players IN GAME. This include things like PvP (no player killing). The one cavate is that this does not bleed into the real world. If fighting ensues out of character the DM hammer is coming down.

    If you are interested in applying please either post in this thread, DM me on this sight, or contact me on Discord at ClatterOgre#9602 (Please specify in a friend request that you are responding to this post)
    I will also be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.
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