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    Trouble Uploading Tokens into Assets....please help.


    I am using a MacBook Pro and I have been able to upload from my computer several tokens ( But I am actually not sure how )

    What I mean is I think I either dragged and dropped the tokens or used command c and command v ... then pressed refresh and it appeared....the problem is, it took multiple times before it worked so when the tokens did appear I was just grateful and moved on to something else.

    Now that I need to upload more Tokens I have been trying for over half an hour and even after watching a few videos and reading the help on tokens, I am in the same place.

    Is this because I am using a mac ?

    What can I do?

    Any help is much appreciated.

    I have already watched these videos below, which are amazing but I think they are for windows.



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    Here are the steps to add tokens:
    * Launch FG.
    * Click on the folder button in the upper left corner of launch screen. (Should take you to FG data folder)
    * Open "tokens" subfolder in the Finder window that just opened.
    * Add files to that folder in Finder.
    * Load campaign
    * Open Library->Assets window from sidebar
    * Select Tokens filter
    * Look under Data folder for any token files located in the FG data folder tokens location.

    NOTE: Adding tokens must be done on the GM host instance.


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    Hi Moon Wizard,

    Thank you so much, I have it now.

    Much appreciated.

    Kind regards

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