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    how to pass effects with to a target

    I'm using Advanced Effects & Better Combat Effects, and I'm trying to create a ranged weapon that forces a target to roll concentration at disadvantage on a hit.

    The furthest I've gotten is making a custom effect called "DAconcentration; DISSAV: concentration" and made an effect tied to the weapon "SDMGADDT: DAconcentration"

    The best that happens here is that the effect to roll concentration at disadvantage is given to a target on damage, but isn't triggered by the damage that passes the effect over.

    Does anyone know the code?

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    You would need to apply the disadvantage to the saving throw before applying the damage since the damage here is being passed before the effect; so there's no damage for the disadvantage to be triggered by. I haven't delved into the depths of this extension but if you can pass an effect following damage then I assume you can pass one on the attack roll.
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    Thank you for giving this a look over. the best I could ultimately do is add Kit'n'Kaboodle and turn the effect into a button on the Actions tab. just 1 button

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