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    C&C adventure modules

    Hi all !

    Are there any ready made adventures to buy for C&C ?
    Cant find any in the store.
    When filtering for "C&C" in the search, only few items are shown, no adventure modules.
    Do I need to create them myself ?

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    Hey there.
    Everything Castles&Crusades has been moved to the Forge

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    Thx a lot AlterZwerg for the link.
    So it seems there is not much of all the original C&C stuff available for FGU.
    Just checked print and digital offer for C&C, much much more then for VTT (FGU).
    Adventures are starting from lvl 4 it seems, so I need to create some by myself to close the gap from starting to lvl 4.
    sorry if I didnt search all postings, but can I also convert adventures from other systems to c&c ?

    For ADD there is really lots of stuff to buy, also incredible cool automation addons, but seems CC is the unliked stepchild with few support Am I right about this ?

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    There used to be a lot more. Some time ago the C&C Ruleset was overhauled and moved to the Forge.
    The older content (A-Series for example) was pulled from the store. Those who bought it until then can still use it.
    Don´t know if/when those will be overhauled and released again on the Forge. They basically relaunched C&C so i think they´ll be back sometime.

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    OK, thx AlterZwerg.
    I also have an old adventure "The rising knight" that we are playing atm.
    Works perfectly, so no idea why all this was removed.
    But will simply wait if they re-release such things and meanwhile will write my own adventures, as I am doing it in P&P D&D ...

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    Sorry, one more question that I need to be answered to understand how FGU in general is working.

    I bought the FGU C&C ruleset about 18 month ago.
    Now I read that the ruleset is overhauled/ relaunched.
    Does this mean that also my version I bought 18 month ago is updated or do I now run a diffrent/older version from the ruleset that can be bought today ?

    Also: There is for example a new version of C&C Player Handbook. Is this simply an explanation how things in the new ruleset are handled, or does the the new handbook also add new features to the game ? So, would it make a diffrence if I would buy printed version of handbook and use this knowledge or would I really need to buy the VTT version to fully benefit from the new handbook ?
    Hope you can understand my questions

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    @Noonien - see this announcement thread for some background information on the new ruleset and old:
    Private Messages: My inbox is forever filling up with PMs. Please don't send me PMs unless they are actually private/personal messages. General FG questions should be asked in the forums - don't be afraid, the FG community don't bite and you're giving everyone the chance to respond and learn!

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    Thx Trenloe !
    Have read all in the link, just a final question regarding this topic:
    The new CC ruleset is basically the same as the old, just corrections and so on, so not an update in complexity like in D&D to AD&D ?

    Additional: Just did buy the new ruleset (was for free, nice) and created a new compaign.
    I am able to load my modules (playerbook, monstbook and so on) from the "old" version.
    So, as this is possible, what benefit do I have when buying the new player and monster book instead of using the old ones ?
    I read all of the announcements, but I simply dont get it, sorry.
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    Also, I strongly suggest you check out Troll Lords' Discord server. You will find more help than here. The Discord is much more active nowadays. The discord link is at the bottom of that announcement thread Trenloe linked to.
    Fan of Castles and Crusades/Savage Worlds, just about any rpgs.

    I am in Eastern time zone and am fairly open most play times, but do prefer Evening or late night games.

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