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    Players Handbook

    I'm reading through the PHB after coming back to D&D from long ago. Just finished Appendix F, "What Comes Next". It really needs to be updated to include a paragraph about VTTs. Now in the DMG, Ch 1. Section, "Play Style" completely forgets the campaign reason of plain old revenge.
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    The big difference I noticed between AD&D and 5E is that 5E writes exactly what it wants the rules to be, they are very unambiguous. It all works well together.
    Fantasy Grounds doesn't have anything to do with the content of the PHB. It may be best if they don't mention one virtual tabletop over another in the books and let us decide which to use.

    The DMG covers revenge in the catch-all "you can craft a broad range of adventures that aren't connected to the common theme." They could not list all the motivations and revenge is common. If an NPC kills my dog we are going after them.

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