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Game: D&D 5e
Group type: Online (Fantasy Grounds and Zoom)
Experience: New players welcome! Individual players welcome! No experience with D&D or Fantasy Grounds is necessary.
Location/Timezone: I'm California - You can play from anywhere!!
Schedule: Every other Friday, 7:00 p.m-11:00 p.m.. PST - SESSION 0/1 on Thursday, July 1st
Roles sought: Player (4 seats taken, 4 seats open)
Game style: Most sessions will involve at least one tactical combat, but don't be surprised if there's more--or if the story dictates that there's none that night!
Cost: $15 USD per player, per session
Group rules: Don't like something, say something. No politics, everyone is equal, be nice to each other, no character-on-character combat allowed

Friday Night Fights follow the exploits of BGCC (Brothers Grimm Consulting Company). Each bi-weekly session will focus on dealing with a monster, mystery, or a combination of both. As an agent of BGCC you have kept the business going while the brothers are off promoting their books, plays, and many evil repelling supplements.

This campaign is set up to be a drop-in style (one-off per session) with a connecting backstory (Supernature, Nightstalker, or Scooby-Doo). Each session will conclude the "episode" and characters will level up. Depending on what session you play will determine what level your character is.

Player Options
- Everything is open
- you can build your character on FG or DnDBeyond (I'll import)
About me:
I have been DMing games since the original box set. Yeah, I had to color in my dice with a crayon! If you are looking for a fun, exciting and safe gaming experience, with a flexible game master, I’m the guy. I currently run three campaigns locally and professionally and looking to expand beyond my area.

GM style
Story beats rules. The golden rule is the “rule of cool.” I do some voices. My sessions are full of social interaction, exploration, and combat. I have extensive experience in working with both novice and experienced players. I believe in a session of D&D is a great way to escape, have fun, stretch imagination muscles and meet great new people.

I have all current release modules and can build you a homebrew session no problem

Also, have extensive experience and practical application in using D&D as a catalyst for team development and teambuilding

How to prepare
Players should have a mic (webcam is optional), and should install the Free Demo version of Fantasy Grounds Unity.

What I provide
DM is a Fantasy Grounds Unity Ultimate license holder (no cost to join or download Fantasy Grounds).

Gameplay Details
Game themes will be adjusted to the age & wishes of participating players.
With adult players, we will discuss safety tools, including Lines & Veils. For example, a Line that I won't cross is any depiction of sexual assault, and I am happy to leave in-game depictions of consensual sex behind a Veil. Players will get every opportunity to define their own boundaries.

How will character creation work?
Players may participate in a 'Session 0' for character generation. Characters can be created in D&D Beyond and imported, or created from the ground up in Fantasy Grounds. Standard array or point buy

Why pay to play D&D?
There are lots of reasons that a player might have trouble finding a consistently reliable DM for a campaign. I simply will not flake or ghost on you.

Here are the facts:
You have the ability to leave the campaign at any time, and the only way I can get you to stay is by providing high-quality entertainment that makes you feel you are getting value.
You will be playing with other players who have decided that gaming is important enough to them that they are willing to pay.
I am constantly investing in new content - maps, tokens, audio and new adventures!

I have multiple campaigns right now that are approaching 15 paid weekly sessions--would these players still be paying me if they weren't having a great time?

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