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    How do I add a token to an encounter I have made and placed on a map.


    I was wondering how do I add a token picture to an encounter I have made and placed on a map...meaning I have the picture ready in Assets and can add it to the combat tracker, but when I close everything and reopen things the token shows a C for the commoner and not the picture of the token I placed on it.

    Or when creating a new encounter how can I place a token so that later when I press the gold placement button the new token will appear on the map with the picture.

    Sorry if this sounds a little confusing.
    Any help is much appreciated.


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    Details on setting up an encounter, changing tokens, token placement, etc. in the Wiki here: It's in the D&D 5e portion of the Wiki but is completely relevant to most rulesets.
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    Wow... Brilliant, I got it : )

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