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    Custom Dice & Destiny Point Mechanic for PFRPG

    Hello all, I recently made the switch from pen & paper to fantasy grounds, and am slowly learning how everything works. Just to give everyone an idea of my technological know-how, it took me four hours and my wife cracking a joke about darkvision for me to figure out that I had ambient lighting turned off on my maps and that was the reason our human fighter could only see a black screen.

    With that out of the way, here is my question:

    I have had a homebrew destiny point mechanic (that I stole from Star Wars, Edge of the Empire and reworked for PFRPG) for a while now that I would like to incorporate into FGU. The issue is that it requires a custom dice with nom-numeric results (specifically black and white circles). For my pen and papes games I bought blank chessex dice and used my wife's cricut to make them. These dice are rolled at the start of the session to determine destiny points, and then used as luck dice during game play. I used them to determine targets of random attacks, random encounters and the like.

    I have seen other threads on here where people far smarter than myself have made custom dice for other systems, CoreRPG seems to be a popular one. I was wondering if anyone knows if the process of adding a custom dice to the PFRPG ruleset would be similar enough to follow those threads.

    The second part is adding a destiny point tracker that would be in its own pop-up. The tracker would need to do a few things: allow players to spend their shared destiny points, allow me (as GM) to spend mine, and automatically move spent points from one pool to the other.

    Would it be possible to make an extension for these two things? If not, I can continue to pen & paper this mechanic easily enough, I just figured it would be nice to have it automated like so many other things in FGU.

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    Welcome FatOrcGamer

    There are not many examples of moding dice. There were some new apis added more recently to make moding the output of the dice (not the actual 3d dice - they cant be edited).
    You could look at Hero Points extension for tracking and using individual destiny points
    I have a PoC for a shared pool and I think the 2d20 systems use a shared pool mechanic so its possible

    Its going to require some coding though!

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    Something like the Bit of Luck spell maybe?

    perhaps code a table that rolls for how many points each player gets, I think you can make that a random die amount

    "cast" this as many times as each character has uses
    target self - STACK: Destiny Point

    "cast" this each time they use it
    target self - REMOVE:STACK: Destiny Point

    that would track uses for each character on the CT and you could add it to each character sheet so the players had control of adding and subtracting points.

    you would need this extension:

    Forge link
    65+ PF1e extensions I use, with links.

    Add notes and alphabetize the Action Tab (not on Forge But one of my favorites)

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