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    Can I create a whole game battle rule set in FG?

    Hello, I have been working on a full game system for a long time, and Ive tested it on paper and Im wondering if I can take my game rule set to FG, Im not a programmer, but Ive investigated a little bit and I read that it is possible to create a new rule set in FG, my question is, if I can bring my gameplay rules to FG what are the best options to do it and what kind of programmer should I look for to do the job?

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    This is the best explanation I've found for it so far:

    I just bought it today since I've heard I can make a custom ruleset with fantasy grounds.

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    The link provided is good, and there is the Ruleset Maker app too to help.
    C# and Lua script are helpful as well as some Unity skills.

    Best of luck!
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    Creating a full ruleset is a definitely something you can do.

    But I suggest that you start "small", especially if you don't already have software development skills/experience. There are a few ways to do this. You can start just by making a character sheet in CoreRPG or the community MoreCore rulesets. See:

    Once you have an idea of what those rulesets can do and what additional capabilities you might want to add, then consider making a theme extension to the chosen ruleset to give your game the look and feel you desire. You can ten develop an extension or full ruleset to achieve exactly what you want, and you will be doing so while you have been able to play your game system in FG. i.e. start small, with just enough to get playing, then add capability as needed and time permits.

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    Just as a heads up, unless a programmer you find to code this for you in Fantasy Grounds is doing it mainly for love of the game, you probably won't find anyone able to do this for what you'd probably consider a reasonable amount of money. Unless it's a very simple RPG system that doesn't require much added to Fantasy Grounds beyond a character sheet, you're probably talking hundreds of hours of work.

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    Agree with Sterno
    You wont find someone to do it for you - its too time consuming which makes it too expensive to pay someone.

    No one know how to code until they learn to do it. It is very possible to learn to code and having a goal like bringing your RPG to life could be the needed motivation.

    I have converted 8 or so rulesets using the Ruleset Wizard. It cant do everything for you - you still need to learn some coding - but it definitely makes a lot of steps easier. Its a third party tool and costs about 60euro.

    I have a couple of video series on youtube where I show the process from start to finish of 2 different game systems.
    One series is a couple of hours long - the other is many, many hours.

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    Are you going to try and publish it or is it for your own use? Sounds cool

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