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    Testing NPC Statblock importer

    Is there a template for what needs to be changed or "massaged" after a stat block is copied to a text editor? It mostly works, but TRAITS, ACTIONS, REACTIONS, etc don't parse correctly. I'm sure it's my formatting (or lack thereof)

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    See video thirty three here.

    A lot will depend on what the pdf is like as to how much clean up you'll need to do. At a minimum getting rid of extraneous line breaks, and extra spaces I'd suggest. However there could be other artefacts as well.
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    I haven't used this importer yet. But experience with other ones for FG and other applications tell me that when you copy out of a PDF, paste into a text editor, like Notepad ++ and not something like MS Word. The text editor will show you hidden characters, which wysiwyg editors will not.

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    Thanks, crisis averted. I had a few areas that were out of syntax. I can't wait to play with the other importers. Hopefully, a bulk importer for 5e will be developed for NPC's and items at some point now that PAR5E is dead.

    Thanks again
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